Adam L.

Exercising or athletic prowess was never one of my strong suits. I was the guy on the track field who always tripped on the grass or who ran into the bright yellow field goal post. However, since I have been training with Justin, I have noticed a 180 degree change in my athletic abilities and health. I’m no longer out of breath on a mile run or wondering where I left my lungs on the track. Now I am excited to run, do push-ups, and yes even flutter kicks.  My stature is no longer slouched, but upright. My arms, body, and legs have definition that was not there before. I can also run for several miles, navigate obstacles, and pull my own body weight over six foot walls without losing my breath. If you are one who is struggling with weight, diet, exercise, and coordination WFP is the place for you to get back on track. One final note; stay away from pie during the holidays!

Adam L . – Moorpark, CA

Adam L. Testimonial

Lindsay H.

Before I started the program I would occasionally go to the gym, but I hated the stuffy atmosphere and found myself always doing the same routine over and over again. After my first day with Warrior Fitness I knew I’d found the perfect program. Not only are the classes outside (which I love!) but Justin regularly mixes up the workouts, making each day exciting and challenging. Boring workouts are now a thing of the past! Justin is very motivational and shows a genuine interest in your progress, and will do whatever he can to help you reach your health and fitness goals. When I first started the program, I couldn’t do a pull-up or run more than a few miles, now I’m able to do 6-7 pull-ups in a row and last year ran my first half marathon. I’m stronger, faster, and more athletic now than I’ve ever been in my life. Best fitness decision I’ve ever made!

Lindsay H. – Newbury Park, CA

Lindsay H. Testimonial

Sean C.

I thought I was in decent shape when I started this program, going to the gym about 3 times a week, but I was dead wrong. The gym just cannot simulate the potential your body has. With this program, I’m in the best shape of my life, and now I’m completely addicted to the program. Obviously, some good and bad days, but I never quit as an obligation to myself, and to Justin, who continues to push me to the next level. I definitely made the right choice for my fitness needs

Sean C. – Thousand Oaks, CA

Sean C. Testimonial

Sally B.

Tired of the routine gym machine workouts? Justin, my trainer for 7 years, doesn’t use the gym machines it is all about using “your” body weight. Oh, he has me using bar bells, kettle bells or dumb bells which causes your body to work harder managing the weight while doing the exercise. Working out with him 3-4 times per week I have “never” had the same workout routine. I have never been bored, only challenged physically and/or mentally. Justin describes the circuit or exercise he wants done, many times I have given him that “blank look”, thinking to myself “are you kidding, ME do that?! Really?! Are you crazy?!” I have been able to do what he asked! I WAS able to do it; maybe it wasn’t fast or maybe not perfect (always in good form though)! Justin has a wonderful ability to match ability/strength with the correct exercise level. I am truly amazed at what I am able to do when I stop and think about it; power wheel push-ups, power wheel roll outs, Turkish getups, feet elevated push-ups, and feet elevated body weight rows. Not gym machine type of stuff.Justin is encouraging, observant, honest, consistent, knowledgeable and he celebrates your feats! If you want something different than workouts with gym equipment, Justin will definitely give you the change up. You will be surprised at the results and you’ll enjoy the challenges.

Sally B. – Malibu, CA

Sally B. Testimonial

Monica M.

The day I made the decision to lose weight the correct way I never thought in a million years how much my life would change for the better. I have tried so many diets that have failed and then Justin came along and gave me the strength, push, and education I finally needed. Not only did I lose weight but my started to see my body become what I have always wanted-lean muscles! By doing our workouts I became physically stronger doing push-ups to pull-ups something I never was able to do before. My balance also became a lot easier and stronger. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am in the best shape of my life and I feel better than I did in high school. This was one life changing event that has impacted my health for the better and it is here to stay. Thank you Justin and Warrior Fitness.

Monica M. – Oxnard, CA

Monica M. Testimonial

Cici B.

I have hired personal trainers to lose weight and motivate me to actually go to the gym before, but running on a treadmill and using machines was so BORING!! If I didn’t have someone hounding me to go, I just wouldn’t. At the age of 26 I was diagnosed with poly-arthritis, a metabolic disorder, and fibromyalgia. I was discouraged from doing “gym-type” high impact exercise by my doctors. After almost 10 years of not exercising I was complaining to a friend about my weight gain. She had been working out with Justin for years and she kept telling me to try it. I was hesitant; not only was I severely out of shape, but I didn’t think my body could handle that kind of exercise. Justin made exercise do-able for me. He completely tailored the exercises to my fitness level (or lack thereof!) and adjusted everything for my arthritis. I also thought that bootcamp would be this awful thing with some camo-wearing grumpy guy screaming at you to give him 30! That’s not Justin! He’s a nice guy who will gently push you to improve, and wow did I make improvements! I couldn’t do a push up or even jog 1/8 of a mile when I started. I made AMAZING improvements in just 3 months. I’ve lost 10 pounds, I can run 1/2 a mile, and took more than three minutes off my fitness test time. My doctor was also very happy with my improvements! The best part? I actually like going to bootcamp, and I’m sad if I can’t make it! Workouts are never the same and you are outdoors with a bunch of fun loving people who will constantly encourage you. If you don’t think you can do this I’m proof that anyone can!

Cici B. – Newbury Park, CA

Cici B Testimonial

Cait S.

I’ve been an athlete of some kind most of my life, but for the last handful of years, my focus has been on my career, and I lost a lot of the athleticism I had even though I was in the gym frequently. When I took on obstacle racing as my new sport last year, I knew I couldn’t train by myself anymore. I needed the help of a trainer, but moreover I needed someone who really understood functional fitness and high intensity, high impact training. Since I started working with Justin, I have hit levels of fitness and athleticism even higher than when I was an athlete in high school or in college. Bottom line: if you want to say you’re an athlete, any trainer will do; but if you want to actually BE an athlete, you need to work with Justin.

Cait S. – Jersey City, NJ

Cait S. Testimonial

Lisa D.

Justin changed my philosophy on fitness. I am a runner and all I did at the gym was use the treadmill. Occasionally I would use the machines, but I didn’t feel I was getting the workout I needed to feel strong. I took my workouts outdoors and running again was my go-to routine. I really enjoyed exercising outdoors, so I searched for something that incorporated everything I needed: outdoors and variety. What a difference! Warrior Fitness and Justin have been a blessing! The program is exciting and challenging; using a combination of weighted workouts and body weight workouts as well as some running. Justin is very interested in my progress and always makes me strive to be better and stronger – I never got that at the gym! The group sessions are small so I am able to have individual attention as well as forming friendships with other members. In my opinion, I have found the best program out there because I feel stronger, look stronger, and I enjoy every class because of Justin and his dedication to improving my fitness.

Lisa D. – Simi Valley, CA

Lisa D Testimonial

Billy M.

I recently decided to try out for Los Angeles Police Department. I started going to LAPD candidates assistant program which is exercise program to see if you have what it takes for the academy. Just so happens my first day was the testing day and I did the 300 meter run, pushups, sit ups and 1.5 mile run. I scored a 26 percent which was horrible – I failed. I started working out with Justin at Real World Fitness & Performance for 3 days a week. In 4 months time I took the same test and scored a 66% which was a huge improvement. Even better, at the beginning working out with Justin he gave me a baseline fitness test which took me 9 min and 47 seconds to complete which was pretty sad. He just gave me the same test and it took me 4 min and 37 seconds to complete which was a huge improvement. I can honestly say working out with Justin 3 days a week has done a lot for my strength, endurance, motivation, and my health. Still working out with him and the group 3 days a week and can’t wait to see how much I improve next test day

PS – class is fun and great environment full of friendly and supportive people.

Billy M . – Thousand Oaks, CA

Billy M. Testimonial

Andrea B.

When I showed up to the first class I was not in the best shape. It has now been 4 weeks and I can feel that my pants are fitting much looser already. For the first time in years I can actually feel my muscles. Thanks for the great workouts and keep up the good work.

Andrea B . – Thousand Oaks, CA

Andrea B. Testimonial