Cait 2 week cycle repeat twice starting 8/15/16


I am going to give you a two week cycle that we will repeat twice for a month cycle.

I will post the workouts for each week and you can do them in whatever order you feel is best for that week. 

Any day that you do not do a structured workout you should aim for some LSD (Long, Slow, Distance) work, MA, or playtime. This should equate to 4-6 hours per week. 

For weight selection, If the weight amount I specify seems too easy or too hard adjust up or down by 5# till it seems appropriate.

Keep good notes so you can improve next cycle.


SCORE = Resistance Used or variation used

Do all sets of A’s before moving to B’s

5 Rounds of 15 ea
A 1) Pull-ups (Machine assisted or Jumping)
A2) Foot Up Lunges (Set object for back foot between mid shin to knee height, back knee touches floor)

B1) Push-up (Chest to Floor – Start with regular then work to knees if necessary. Should still be one unbroken set. Mark reps of reg / knee in each set for next time.)
B2) V-Ups (Full or Half)

FINISHER: Farmers Carry of dbl 24k Kbs (50# each) for either time or distance. When you can’t hold them any longer stop the clock or mark the distance. Add all three up for a total to beat next time.


SCORE = Time to complete
Take note of resistance used

1 – 8 – 1 Pyramid workout

  • Renegade Rows each side (15-20#) *Stay Square in the hips
  • Snowboarders (either 90 or 180deg turn) touch left hand turn left, touch right turn right. left + right = 1.
  • Dbl DB or KB Shoulder Press (20#-25#)

FINISHER: Wide Leg Sit-up and Touch x 75


SCORE = No Score

1 Min of each back to back, complete 5 rounds

  • Cable Twist (band of cable station – 15-25#)
  • Skaters
  • Plank Punches (Hold Plank, use right arm to punch the wall in front of you, now left, repeat. Actually punch a heavy bag is you have one available)
  • Ball Slams 12# ball
  • Jump Rope (Aim for 120-180 reps)
  • Rest




good warmup

10 X 100m (should equate to about 15sec sprint, just guesstimate based on where you are)

first two are at 70%, next 8 are at 85% max speed. Walk back to starting line and repeat

FINISHER: 50 x Plank Reach Unders each side (Take not of how many sets it takes to complete) Side plank with top arm reaching up to the sky, rotate towards floor and reach under with same arm and touch as far behind you as possible)



SCORE = Resistance Used or variation used

Do all sets of A’s before moving to B’s

5 Rounds of 15 ea
A1) Assisted Parallel bar dips (Adjust weight accordingly)
A2) Leg Lift > Hip Lift

B1) Plank Toe Touches each side
B2) Overhead Squats (Hold a light bar 5-10# or dumbbell with arms extended overhead, squat to parallel)


SCORE: Number of reps on round 1, match all others.

20/10 x 8 ( Circuit style)

A) Body Rows (bar at hip height or TRX) knees bent feet flat on floor.
B) KB Swings (12-16k)
C) Crab Walk 5y for / back
D) Slalom Jumps (left + Right = 1) use a 12-24″ gap to slalom over

FINISHER = 2 sets of 1 min each (Superman holds & Invisible Chair)




About the Author

Justin is a Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach who serves clients in Private and Small Group Training throughout the Conejo Valley including Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Camarillo. He is certified as a Performance Enhancement Specilaist through NASM, Kettlebell Instructor through IKFF, Monkey Bar Gym CNT2. He is also the author of the "Real World fitness System Ebook ".