August 2016 – JR

Wednesday 8/3

Tabata Rowing: 105-105-102-98-98-95-94-94

Thursday 8/4

1 Mile Walk

Dodge ball with Luca – 2 Push-ups when hit

Friday 8/5

1.5 Mile walk

Dodgeball with Luca – 10 jacks 2 Dips when hit

Sunday 8/7

Bas Tahi Box 2 min rounds – Couldn’t keep up – Coming back from Vacay

Wednesday 8/10

Today I started the Foundations circuit. I will commit to this for 2 years.
I will add kickboxing, hiking, and other fun types of activity to supplement.

This will bring strength and mobility to seven fundamental areas of gymnastics

  1. Front Level
  2. Straddle Planche
  3. Manna
  4. Side Lever
  5. Single Leg Squat
  6. Hollow Back Press
  7. Rope Climb

Thursday 8/11

Handstand Work
Tripod HS/PE1
Step 2: 5 x 12s / Static Seated Shoulder Flexion with 5# Weighted Bar: 10s

About the Author

Justin is a Functional Strength & Conditioning Coach who serves clients in Private and Small Group Training throughout the Conejo Valley including Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Agoura, Camarillo. He is certified as a Performance Enhancement Specilaist through NASM, Kettlebell Instructor through IKFF, Monkey Bar Gym CNT2. He is also the author of the "Real World fitness System Ebook ".